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In an interesting survey done at a big speed dating event, it was found that there was almost no connection between what people claimed they are looking in a partner and what they liked about the dates they met across the table.

No matter where on Earth you are right now, whether you are single in Utrecht, Toronto or Tokyo, when it comes to dating online, men still seem to come from Mars and women from Venus.

Several clubs have weekly or monthly gay parties which attract a young crowd. As a voluntary foundation, PANN organises regular parties which vary in size and location, but are always sold out very quickly. Mid Zomer Gracht Spektakel Jacobskerkhof Artists perform on an outdoor stage at the Jacobibrug in between bar Bodytalk and Cafe Kalff, opening of the Midzomergracht Festival, Utrecht Celebrating Sexual Diversity De Parade - Moreelsepark De Parade is a travelling circus full of performances, theatre, dance and art.

Moreover, a quarter of online daters claim to have met their life partner through a dating site. Studies also show that you're twice as likely to get married if you meet your partner online than in the traditional way.

Even if these statistics look a bit too promising to be true, truth is that expanding your search for a partner on the internet is a valuable and viable tool to find love abroad.

First of all, you need to find a dating site that fits your needs.

It is true that attractive people have it easier than the rest of us.

But, at the end of the day, people are more interested in your personality rather than your good looks.

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