Updating marc records

These guidelines pertain to OCLC-MARC tagging (that is, content designation).

Cataloging rules and manuals (such as AACR2) govern the content of records. In addition to LC's valuable June 1999 " Guidelines for Coding Electronic Resources in Leader/06", which should be consulted for helpful details, sources for further information include the following documents: All of these documents remain primary sources for guidance in the cataloging of electronic resources.

Guidance on the coding of the 856 can be found in LC's Guidelines for the Use of Field 856.

Please be careful about the correct coding of the field 856 second indicator.

Remember that these guidelines affect mainly (although not exclusively) the choice of certain fixed field elements, particularly the Type of Record, Bibliographic Level, and Type of File codes.

The descriptive rules in AACR2 (especially Chapters 9 and 12, but including other chapters, as appropriate) for cataloging electronic resources continue to apply, as do most other MARC coding decisions.

As part of the MARC 21 format changes implemented by OCLC in April 2000, a new code "s" was validated for the "Form of Item" fixed field, 008/23 and 006/06 in the Books, Serials, Mixed Materials, and Scores formats, and 008/29 and 006/12 in the Maps and Visual Materials formats.

On 2002 December 1, the code "s" was also implemented in the "Form of Item" fixed field, 008/23 and 006/06 for the Sound Recordings format.

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Code "m" is now used only for the following general classes of electronic resources: For these classes of materials, if there is a significant aspect that causes it to fall into another Leader/06 ("Type of Record") category, code for that significant aspect (for instance, vector data that is cartographic is not coded as numeric but as cartographic).Remember to code the "File" value correctly, usually "d" for textual materials.In keeping with the current definition of Type code "m," OCLC is recommending the following choices of "Type" code and CF 006/09 and CF 008/26 "File" ("Type of Computer File") values for the following categories of electronic resources.If its primary purpose is, for instance, textual or bibliographic, it remains textual or bibliographic and is coded as such.In the area of online systems and services, consider whether the system itself (for example, a library system providing an interface to several databases), or the content of the several constituent databases, is being cataloged.

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