Unmonitored webcam

How have these countries assessed their experience, taking into account costs and the effect on public confidence?Summary of Responses PN members addressed the question by citing examples of various countries that have used video cameras and/or webcams in the voting process, stating issues and/or advantages with usage, recommending criteria for successful usage of video cameras and webcams in the voting process, and stating other measures sometimes used to promote transparency and build confidence.Camera photos of voters in queues and the surrounding environment may tell the story of the physical organization and layout of polling/counting facilities, but the ability of a voter to cast a secret ballot should be respected as required by the UN Charter, and other national electoral legal frameworks.Stephen Aiah Mattia Ukraine used webcams in the 2012 parliamentary elections, but not in this year's presidential vote.The secrecy of the ballot may be seriously compromised in instances where the use of cameras is unregulated.

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They will be returned to the water in the Spring of 2017.

I think use these kind of devices would not be very helpful as a "confidence building" meassure.

Perhaps voter could feel intimidated as been recorded.

The ramp floats at the Bush Point boat ramp are scheduled to be removed on October 17th.

What countries use or have used video cameras/webcams in polling stations as a confidence-building and transparency measure?

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