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While exact numbers of protesters could not be estimated, a flood of internet photographs and videos showed a massive presence in Cairo, Alexandria, and other Egyptian cities.

These protests lasted 18 days and Internet-savvy protesters used Twitpic, Facebook and You Tube to disseminate videos and photographs and called on Egyptians to protest.

25] protests, framed by the organizers as a stand against torture, poverty, corruption and unemployment.

But the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s most powerful opposition movement, said it would not officially participate, though some of its members joined the protesters in Cairo.” (, “Broad Protests Across Egypt Focus Fury on Mubarak“, 1/25/11) The Egyptian government originally engaged in episodic censorship.

Democracy has finally come to parts of the mid-East and Northern Africa.

The Free Syrian Army [Arabic FSA actual site is here] is threatening civil war in Syria and claims to represent 10,000 defected soldiers operating in small bands across Syria; FSA has posted a You Tube video and claimed responsibility on Facebook for the 11/16/11 assault on the Air Force Intelligence building.

Because of the media blackout, it is hard to assess the role of social media currently in Syria, but this Google Hangout hosted by the Syrian American Council in DC held a conference video with activists in and outside the country, discusses their use of social media like Facebook, Skype or You Tube.

: The first domino was Tunisia where the underlying source of the uprising lay in government corruption, inequality, censorship and joblessness (even among the well educated youth).

One cell phone operator, Vodafone, said on Friday that Egypt had told all mobile operators to suspend services in selected areas of the country The British company said it would comply with the order, Reuters reported.” [“Three young men from the El Baradei Association for Change, a group that had been working to mobilize people and have them sign a petition to reform constitutional amendments passed in 20 that prevented an independent candidate from running for president, decided to take matters into their own hands.

They would go into other neighborhoods and convince people to come to the square.

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