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Penny Saver has been around for more than 50 years and survived the shift from print media to digital media in the online world.If you live in California, you can still find the Penny Saver in print, but everywhere else is online as Penny Saver USA.

Gum Tree is just like Craigslist and is wildly popular in the UK and is also frequently used in Australia, South Africa, and recently Gum Tree has began to increase in popularity within the United States No matter where you live, Gum Tree is still a great alternative to Craigslist because of the ability to buy and sell to anyone in the world.

Instead offering up ads from around the country, Locanto is best for those who are looking for something locally such as a used car, a babysitter, a job, or anything particular to the vicinity of where you live.

It’s very simple to post an ad on Locanto and the ads are meant to feel and look like ads you see in the local newspaper (what are newspapers again? My favorite part of Locanto is your ad will remain live for 60 days which exposes your ad to a very large audience.

It’s about as plain and simple as you can get which isn’t always a bad thing.

Sometimes keeping it as simple as possible works the best.

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