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In addition many countries have representatives of law enforcement in Thailand to liaise with Thai law enforcement agencies and local NGOs to help coordinate efforts. Due to their successful history of cooperation with Royal Thai Police (RTP) and experience in combating child abuse, ICE agents lead U. efforts combating sexual exploitation of children in the country. Working with other national law enforcement representatives, Interpol, and the RTP, ICE agents coordinate efforts to fight crimes that cross borders and destroy lives of an estimated two million innocent children worldwide. Several laws ensure that such offenders will face severe consequences. In 2003 ICE launched “Operation Predator”, which uses an array of resources to target child sex abusers and bring them to justice.Local ICE agents prioritize combating child pornography and child sex tourism by U. To date, Operation Predator has led to the arrest of over 11,000 child sexual abusers, including more than 1,100 outside the United States.While ICE agents refuse to comment on their means and methods of operation, media reports have suggested the use of undercover agents, internet sting operations, and sophisticated technologies. based law enforcement, such as local Sheriff Departments and Parole Officers, inform them of known sex offenders who are traveling to the region.ICE agents in Bangkok did say however that they often receive information from local NGOs about foreigners in Thailand whom they suspect of engaging in child sexual abuse. In both cases, local ICE agents work with their RTP counterparts to monitor the suspects’ movements while in Thailand.A global effort Southeast Asia has an unfortunate reputation as a land of sexual fantasy attracting pedophiles and sexual predators from around the world to pray on this region’s must vulnerable.

However, despite the progress made by the Thai authorities, there is much room for improvement, particularly in terms of enforcement and prosecution.

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