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(And remember, since Cortana is available on Android too, that doesn’t mean you need a Windows Phone to take advantage.) More interestingly, though, Cortana can parse even more information about stuff it thinks you might need.For example, the on-stage demo showed us that Cortana can respond to things like “Send Chuck the Power Point I worked on last night”, or “What toy store did I visit at Build last year? Of course, if you’re more privacy-conscious, that’s crazy in all the wrong ways–but it’s a pretty tempting set of features.

You’ll just need to install the Cortana Android app and sign in with the same Microsoft account on both devices.Cortana can also make proactive suggestions for you.If you receive email confirmation of flight details, it’ll add them to your calendar.If you don’t have it yet, try checking for updates in Windows 10’s Settings Arguably the biggest update is Cortana.Microsoft continues to expand on what Cortana can do, clearly trying to make it the most powerful assistant in an increasingly growing pool of competition (Siri, Google Now, Alexa, and the whole gang).

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