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Siege weapons such as catapults and ballistae, normally too inaccurate for use against infantry, would have devastated the easy target of the large, nearly-immobile mass of men.

The sides and back of the formation were especially vulnerable – turning and wheeling would have been like trying to park a lorry.

So as time passed and Warfare evolved, the phalanx eventually became outdated as more adaptable tactics were adopted.

But the tactic continued on in different forms, such as in combination with musketeers as in the 16th- and 17th-century Spanish Tercio.

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E.'S — Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra offers a complete Orchestral Recording Package in total buyout for Film scores, Television, Video Games, Classical Music & Pop Music Recordings. E.’S has worked over 1000 projects and is able to provide you high quality music recording services.

Several listeners from differents studios could be connected in the same time.

No additional software required, no end user charges.

The pristine sound quality is the same in your studio as in the control room of our studio.

Installed webcams allow you to see the musicians at work, and a direct talkback connection with the conductor allows you to dictate your interpretive indications in real time.

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