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With Josuweit’s input, here’s a quick guide to help you determine the smartest way to pay off your student loans.

If your grace period is ending and you haven’t found a job yet, or you’ve been making payments on schedule but recently lost your job, you should consider options to reduce or defer your monthly student loan payments until you have an income again.

Last week I was talking with Andrew Josuweit about the best way for graduates to go about repaying their student loans.

October marks the end of the six-month grace period on many federal student loans.You can also extend the term of your consolidation loan up to 30 years, which may cost you more, but can reduce your monthly payment.Your Direct Consolidation Loan has a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan.If you have federal student loans, you can request a deferment or forbearance to temporarily stop making student loan payments.Federal student loan deferment If you meet eligibility requirements, a deferment will delay the repayment of both principal and interest of your federal student loan.

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