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When Shelly blackmailed Chris, she was running the money through the Texas woman.” The constable then called the entire plan “diabolical.” Nev and Max Finally Meet Shelly Chartier After an exhaustive amount of research on the case, Nev and Max headed up to rural Easterville, Manitoba, to meet up with Shelly.

Nev revealed that Shelly, 33, “rarely ever left her house as she was shouldered with the responsibility of caring for her bedridden mother.” After meeting her husband, Rob Marku, it was time to get down to business with one of the most notorious catfishers of all time.

Shelly went on to claim that Paris knew her true identity the whole time.

Nev Implies Shelly Still Might Be Lying Nev called Shelly out on her potentially false accusations saying, “The difference in your story about this woman in Texas versus the way the police describe her involvement…

Paris then revealed that Shelly is now out of prison.

Paris pleaded with Nev and Max saying, “I think she is gonna do it again…

A reclusive woman who snared professional basketball player Chris Andersen in a bizarre online extortion plot has been sentenced to jail in Canada, bringing her one step closer to being brought to Colorado to face charges here.

She explained to Nev and Max that after talking online and even meeting the NBA star in person, she discovered a third party had been communicating between the two of them.

That third party, Canadian woman Shelly Chartier, then released photos of Paris who was only 17 at the time while posing as Chris Andersen — leaving him in a storm of child pornography allegations.

According to the Douglas County charging documents, Chartier impersonated and duped several people online, often taking the photos they sent to her to set up new fake profiles or carry out other ruses.

In 2011, she set up a fake Facebook profile for Andersen, through which a 17-year-old California girl — who was claiming to be 18 years old — tried to contact the real Andersen.

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